What is paradigm, programming-paradigm and multi-paradigm, how many major types of programming paradigm and what paradigm is Javascript?

Abhishek Chaturvedi
1 min readMar 10, 2021


A paradigm is a pattern of something or one that serves as a pattern or model. Or you can say its a way of doing something like a programming but not a concrete thing like a language! Basically, there are a lot of programming languages in the market but all of them need to follow some strategy when they are implemented and that strategy is a paradigm.


As the name itself is saying — “a style of programming based on a particular model of computation”. This does not refer to any specific language, but rather it refers to the “way” you program.


Again as the name says — “ which supports more then one paradigm” :)

Major types of programming paradigm:

There are lots of programming paradigm to fulfil the demand of the problem.

1- Imperative Programming Paradigm
1.a- Procedural Programming Paradigm
1.b- Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm
1.c- Parallel Programming Paradigm

2- Declarative Programming Paradigm
2.a- Logic Programming Paradigm
2.b- Functional Programming Paradigm
2.c- Database Programming Paradigm



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