Webpack 5 | Federated Module | Micro-FrontEnd | ESI | NPM | Micro Frontend Architecture

So, I thought to share my knowledge on some more advanced, easy and interesting concept on Micro Frontend Architeture.

So, up until last October 2020, the implementation of micro front end strategy seems to only…


Developers were facing issue on accessing DAM images from CSS/SCSS. …


A paradigm is a pattern of something or one that serves as a pattern or model. Or you can say its a way of doing something like a programming but not a concrete thing like a language! …

How to create an instance in Vue?

In VueJS, the application starts by creating a new Vue instance with this function :

var vm = new Vue({
//some code or options

The standard way to follow is to use the variable vm which is donated as ViewModel from which we can refer our Vue instance. …

Abhishek Chaturvedi

Technical Architect | Model | Actor | Photographer | Boxer

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